Subtle and intriguing


Here at Isosystems, we join the different decorative elements with a high-quality polyurethane insulating layer in a "negative process" which produces an insulated industrial prefabricated façade panel. This process ensures simple, safe handling and excellent structural integrity on the building site.

Operating principle


The industrial manufacturing process – pioneered at our plant – bonds the decorative elements (e.g. brick tiles) into a polyurethane (PU) insulating panel using a back foaming process. This “negative process” production method results in the permanent bonding and prefabrication of traditional building materials as a high-quality lightweight, modular PU base panel.


As a general rule, all of our products are mechanically fastened; this ensures they can be used in a broad, demanding range of applications. Fittings and fasteners are glued on site and can either then be attached traditionally or finished off with the help of an elastic sealant depending on the desired appearance or workmanship.


Exceptional insulating properties and airtightness result in totally sealed systems with low U-values at low wall thicknesses (60 mm including insulation)

Site deliveries can be reduced by up to 75% (when compared to brick deliveries). A full lorry can transport up to 650 m² façade covering, which also means a reduction of 2/3 of the storage area needed on site (at an average of 25 m² per pallet)

Installation is 4-5 times faster than with traditional bricklaying (typically, installers reach rates of around 20 m²/bricklayer/day)

Weighing in at 50 kg/m² (including panel), Gebrik is just 1/4 of the weight of traditional brickwork (meaning reduced structural loads on the foundations and beams)

Prefabricated components can be installed in almost all weather conditions, resulting in improved quality, predictability and control during construction.

Our façade systems can be installed with the help of movable lifting platforms meaning they can be used in hard to access areas such as in city centres or near rail lines.

Tried, tested and certified with 35 years of experience and supplied with a 10-year warranty

Our systems are lightweight and non load-bearing, meaning they can be used on all common substrates without any need for rear ventilation, tie bolts, structural support angles, jack posts or brick reinforcements.

Good to know

Colour options

Our colour palette covers over 800 different standard colours and we work in conjunction with the leading brick and closer manufacturers. If you have a special request then you've come to the right place: we'll help find a very personal solution to your project.

Source of stones

For our natural stone range, we like to work with Belgian blue stone (Belgian granite) from the local Carrières du Hainaut (B) quarry. The close proximity of the manufacturing plant ensures our products are sustainable and of the highest quality.

Research & Development

For well over 10 years, it has been an integral element of our company policy to fulfil our customers’ requests and desires as successfully as possible. In order to do this, we continue to invest greater time and effort in research year on year. We would love to talk to you about your project!

External quality inspections

As part of increasingly strict quality requirements and as a responsible manufacturer, we believe it is our responsibility to subject our product range and progress to external testing and certification in accordance with the very latest national and international quality standards.