Our façade systems are the ideal solution for attractive wall cladding designed at economical prices.

Isosystems façade systems are manufactured exclusively with premium natural decorative materials which ensure a durable, made-to-last and visually sophisticated solution to all your façade projects.
Our systems are quick and easy to install, whether as an attractive addition to new builds, or when renovating old buildings.



Our modern, intelligent and smart polyurethane-based manufacturing process results in products with the highest aesthetic standards. Years of experience combined with our proven safety record at the highest level speak for themselves.


You can choose from a huge range of different options. We develop and manufacture products to order and tailor-made to your project specifications. Whatever the colour, format, bond or surface, you provide the ideas and we'll give you a bespoke solution to make them come true.

About us

Wall & Facade Solutions is a company based in Belgium and is a byword for innovation and continuous development in the world of façade solutions. As a pioneer in our branch with just under 40 years of experience, we focus on solutions which will meet and exceed the requirements of the modern construction industry and building services engineering.