Flexible and innovative

About us

A small business located in Eastern Belgium near the German/Luxembourg border, we believe in innovation and the development of our façade systems. We invest continuously in our work in order to ensure we are always one step ahead of building services engineering and can satisfy the needs of the market.
Recently our core business has expanded more and more into larger building projects, and it is our wish to develop into a long-term reliable partner for our customers and establish our market position definitively.


As we are a small business, our structure means communication with our partners is both quick and simple. We are highly motivated in the manufacture of our façade products and are proud of each and every new project we work on. Our systems fulfil the strictest requirements and are continually tested to international standards, but the products are only ever as good as their installation. That’s why we offer support to our sales partners and trained installers with personalised after-sales care, enthusiasm and the shortest reaction times possible – we want our customers to be convinced by our excellent service as well as our outstanding products.


Almost 40 years ago now, GeBrik (Isosystems ‘Brick’) was first developed at our current manufacturing facilities to protect timber buildings. This product then went on to form the basis for industrial manufacturing. This manufacturing process has then been perfected and optimised over the last decade. The main focus has been the expansion of our production segment and the fulfilment of customer requirements. Both of these have been a success, and we are now able to boast a production line with the strictest standards and the highest levels of flexibility.


Our environment is very important to us. Caring for our surroundings is part of our company strategy, and year on year we revise our standards with regard to our manufacturing process and use of raw materials. We regularly check and adapt our sustainable environmental policy, actively including the entire workforce in the improvement process.