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Isosytems AG
Isosytems AG
Isosytems AG
Isosytems AG
Avec le soutien de l'AWEX
(Agence Wallonne à l'exportation)
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"Bel-Stone" a 100% Belgian innovation

Bel-Stone, the new product manufactured by the company of Isosystems AG, will be presented exclusively at Batibouw. Its elder brother Gebrik is already well known in the market. This is an insulation panel manufactured with tiles made of  terracotta. Today, Isosystems AG is proud to announce the arrival of its new product. This is unique and, above all, a 100% Belgian product.
Bel-Stone is an insulation panel made of natural bluestone that can be mechanically fixed to any façade whatsoever. It is perfectly suited to both construction and renovation. Thanks to its insulation layer made of polyurethane foam, this panel is a very effective insulator, which allows considerable energy savings. So it is easy to appreciate the value of such a product, in particular in terms of reduced heating costs and environmental friendliness. Moreover, the materials used are entirely natural ones, which makes Bel-Stone a 100% ecological product.
The production of Bel-Stone is based on a 100% Belgian partnership. To be specific, Isosystems AG is collaborating with les Carrières du Hainaut in order to produce this genuinely exclusive product! It has all the technical approvals required for its sale all over Europe.
Bel-Stone’s advantages are numerous. Besides the energy saving already mentioned above, Bel-Stone provides a lighter solution than a traditional façade made of stones. Thanks to its mechanical fixing system using screws, the panel can be fixed up without the need for any base. In addition, the panel can be put into position very easily and quickly. Bel-Stone also has an advantage in terms of space. Being no more than 6 cm thick, Bel-Stone panels appeal to architects because of the space saving that they present relative to other, classic solutions. Lastly, Bel-Stone is an aesthetic solution, combining modernity and economic and ecological considerations.
So you see that Bel-Stone has very many advantages. It is aesthetic, made entirely of natural materials, allows a reduction in energy consumption and its price is a challenge to all the competition. 

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Isosytems AG
Isosytems AG