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Isosytems AG
Isosytems AG
Isosytems AG
Isosytems AG
Isosytems AG
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Who are we?
The Company

Aesthetic buildings! Healthy living! Economic homes!
Isosystems AG is the specialist manufacturer for brick insulations systems. Following the takeover of Genorm AG in 2005, we can now look back on 30 years of experience in the manufacture and development of cladding systems. Plus a considerable amount of pioneering spirit. Entering the market in 1980, we were the world’s first and only producer of this innovative cladding system.

Isosystems – modern and aesthetic

Today we seamlessly continue the tradition and skills from 30 years of product development with Isosystems AG. Our cladding systems made of natural clay bricks, meets all the demands of modern living. A Isosystems façade system provides every building with the splendour of clay brickwork. In an age of high energy costs, the system also offers excellent heat insulation and reduces heating costs. At the same time is able to breathe, thus ensuring a pleasant, healthy indoor climate at all times.

Isosystems – individual and flexible

Isosystem claddings are flexible and suitable for all types of building project. It is the economical solution for renovating old buildings and prefabricated houses. For new buildings it is the cost-effective alternative to conventional brick or stone facing. We produce tailor-made cladding for every project. Its simple handling and quick assembly save times and money. A wide variety of customers, from builders of large projects to small houses, have come to trust in the quality of Isosystem cladding.

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Isosytems AG
Isosytems AG