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Isosytems AG
Isosytems AG
Isosytems AG
Isosytems AG
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Ranges of application
Gebrik – versatile and durable

Gebrik systems can be used in a variety of situations. Gebrik insulating brick cladding system always fulfils the highest demands, whether it is for renovation work, new buildings, large apartment blocks or detached houses. The same applies to assembly. Gebrik insulating brick cladding system can be quickly and easily fixed to any substrate. Whether it on traditional masonry and concrete, a timber or metal frame on a prefabricated house – Gebrik clay brick panels provide a durable finish in every case.

The GEBRIK® system is suitable for fitting onto vertical walls, whether they are new or old, up to a height of 11 storeys (ground floor + 10).


   A “traditional” support


The system can be laid onto concrete, concrete stone (either hollow or solid), hollow or solid brick masonry, etc. The method used to fasten the GEBRIK® system is perfectly suitable for use with these materials.


   Timber frames / Prefabricated houses


The system can also be fitted onto buildings or parts of frontages with timber frames, provided that any provisions in the country in question are complied with. In this case, the wall must be covered with plywood panels or OSB panels with a minimum thickness of 15 mm and maximum span of 60 cm.


The transverse battens used to provide the necessary rigidity must be laid out at minimum distances of 80 cm. Wood pulp panels can also be used.


The GEBRIK® components are fastened using special screws which have a manufacturer’s guarantee for outdoor use and are suitable for the constraints in each individual case.


   Metal frames


The system can also be fitted onto buildings or parts of frontages with metal frames. The outer coating of the wall which is acting as a support can be made up of plywood panels, OSB panels or wood pulp panels. The applicable assembly rules are the same as for timber frames / prefabricated houses.


The system can also be fitted onto frontages with trapezoidal sheet cladding.


The aforementioned two applications have not yet been granted authorisation. However, in the first application scenario (timber frames), systems have already been successfully completed. There is a typical prior authorisation for this along with a guarantee.


The second application (fitting onto a metal frame) has also been used by a few customers for a number of years without the slightest problem. One of these users is currently working with a combined typical authorisation.


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Isosytems AG
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